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Stealth Masks FFP3 mask passes fit test and is ideal for women Dentists

Stealth Masks FFP3 mask passes fit test and is ideal for women Dentists

Covid 19 has pretty much stopped Dentistry in the UK in its tracks. Not unlike the country at large. However, we must now consider how we will help our patients and clear the backlog of problems that have been building up. 

Dental procedures such as drilling or scaling create aerosols which are a mixture of the clean water from our lines (usually treated, distilled water) and saliva and potentially viruses like Covid 19.  The concern is that these aerosols may infect the dental  professionals via the mucous membranes (eyes, nose and mouth). 

As some people will be Covid 19 carriers who show no symptoms it is important that the risk of transmission between patients and dental professionals and vice versa is reduced to an absolute minimum. That is why FFP3 protection has been recommended for those providing aerosol generating procedures.   The virus is very tiny and can pass through most porous materials. 

Disposable FFP3 masks are expensive to provide and create huge amounts of waste which is bad for the environment and also expensive for the practice to dispose of; this has meant that many dentists are looking for more sustainable and cost effective means to protect themselves and their teams. 

Added to this we have found that many female dental professionals were failing fit tests of FFP3/2 masks as these have generally been designed for use by men. This problem seems to be less prevalent when using a reusable respirator. 

I have an all female team so for me it has been so important to find a mask that fits the female face well. 

So many people had recommended Stealth masks to me that I just had to check them out and yes, they’re a great fit for women.

This post was written by Dentist Lauren Harrhy who runs Sparkle Dental Centre and is a a trustee of Confidental, a charity helpline for dentists who are struggling with mental health.

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