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With dust becoming an increasing problem in the workplace we're determined to do all we can to help businesses protect their valued staff.

The STEALTH P3 RESPIRATOR DUST MASK is a big step towards this goal with re-usable filters, a breathing valve for all day comfort, and perhaps most importantly, filter technology that stops as much as 14 times more dust than regulations require.

And we want to show you how cost effective using our mask is by giving you an opportunity to prove it for yourself, just input your current FFP3 mask costs in the calculator below and see the real cost savings by using Stealth P3

About Stealth Mask P3 Respirator Dust Mask


The Stealth P3 is far and away the safest respirator mask for workplace use. Stopping up to 14 times more dust and particles than other masks click here to read the report.


Our proprietory HEPAC filter technology delivers filtered air to your valued users lungs, and filters only require changing every 28 days to maintain effectiveness.


With a filter subscription service, online ordering or centralised purchasing, using the Stealth P3 Respirator fits around your working practices, not ours.

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Features & Benefits


With a super comfortable Silicon and Latex free face piece, wide straps and a quick release system for simple mask removal, the P3 is the easiest mask to wear.


Check out our cost calculator to see for yourself the real cost of Stealth P3 ownership compared to your regular mask supplier. Filter subscriptions make ownership even more affordable.


With up to 120 billion disposable masks being worn every month, it's time to make a change. A Stealth P3 carcass can be put into recycling and 1 pair of filters evey 28 days helps alleviate this enormous problem.

Your Safety

Your safety is our number #1 priority and the Stealth P3 respirator dust face mask ticks all the boxes. With HEPAC filters that stop 99.99% of dust and toxins reaching you you’ll know you’re protected all day..

  • Filters 99.99% of dust and particles
  • Twin HEPAC filters for added protection
  • Replaceable long life filters

Your Comfort

Working all day in an uncomfortable mask is not what you want. That’s why we’ve developed face fit technology that feels light as a feather letting you work all day in comfort.

  • Moulded face piece for all day comfort
  • Downward facing valve for ultra low breathing resistance
  • Extra soft and ’grippy’ behind the head straps