Stealth P3 Reusable Facemask


P3 respirator face mask
  • Maximum P3 Filtration

    Highest filtration efficiency available. Removing 99.999% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns and above.

  • Lowest Breathing Resistance

    Lowest breathing resistance of any half-mask available minimising condensation build up for maximum overall comfort.

  • Replaceable Filter Pods

    Interchangeable filter pairs for long-term use.  Specific filters available for eliminating nuisance odours.

  • Downward Valve

    Downward facing exhaust valve – no misting or steaming of goggles, glasses or protective face wear.

Stealth Respiratory

British Made High-Performance Respirator Facemasks

Stealth Half Masks offer the highest protection against all airborne particles, oil aerosols & mists with up to 99.999% filtration efficiency.


Large downward facing exhaust valves enable air to exhale away from any goggles, visors or spectacles ensuring no misting & fogging of eyewear.


Our sleek, unobtrusive designs accommodate visors, helmets, eyewear & hearing protection.  Our modern commuter range is unique in the market.

Stealth Lite Sport Commuter Mask

FFP3 Protection for the Modern Commuter

Respirator face mask
  • FFP3V Multi-Shift

    HEPAC-Lite filter for highest particulate protection. 99%+ filtration efficiency. Multi-shift use so can be worn for 8+ hours.

  • Maximum Comfort - Moulded Face Piece Structure

    Full elastomer medically-graded face-piece structure offering ultimate face seal. Neoprene mesh neck harness provides extreme comfort & flexibility.

  • Maximum Protection

    from Airborne Particles, Fumes, Oil Aerosols, Bacteria & Viruses.  Ideal for the urban commuter, cyclist and traveller.

  • Downward Valve

    Downward facing exhaust valve. No misting or steaming of eyewear!