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Stealth P3 Respirator Facemask


Stealth P3 Respirator Facemask


Stealth P3 R D Respirator Face Mask

Reusable P3 Half Mask

Replacement Filter Pairs Available Here

Nuisance-Odour Filter Pairs Available Here

Modern, low profile and ergonomic P3 reusable respirator face mask with twin P3 HEPAC pleated filters. Grille covers the entire filter surface area deflecting particulates & moisture away. Material is odour-free and non-allergenic, with latex and silicone-free face seals. Less clogging pressure and inward leakage.

  • Highest filtration efficiency at 0.3 microns - 99.999% offering protection against silica dust, weld fumes, asbestos, oils, mists, aerosols and bacteria.
  • Lowest breathing resistance of any half mask on the market for maximum comfort & less condensation build-up.
  • Sleek unobtrusive design to accommodate visors, helmets, spectacles/goggles & other PPE.
  • Large downward facing exhaust for non-misting or steaming of goggles.
  • Latex & silicone-free TPE medical grade face seal so it can be worn for 8+ hours.
  • Suitable for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Dentists, Chiropractors and other environments requiring high levels of respiratory protection.

Weight: 135g
Assigned Protection Factor: APF20
Conforms to EN140:2001 & EN143:2001
Product Code – F01.1