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Stealth Clarity FFP3 Transparent Face Mask on Clinical Trial in the Australian Healthcare Sector

Stealth Clarity FFP3 Transparent Face Mask on Clinical Trial in the Australian Healthcare Sector

We're pleased to announce that our Stealth Clarity FFP3 Transparent Face Mask is currently being trialled in the Australian healthcare sector. Our mask's quality and suitability for medical environments mean it is being tested for clinical use in Australia, and we hope to see positive results soon.

FFP3 masks are becoming the go-to choice for medical and healthcare environments. Previously, N95 masks have been the best choice, but evidence is showing this may not be the case.

Exploring Concerns with N95 Masks

A recent study published in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health explored whether N95 face masks cause dizziness and headache. The study was on a relatively small scale, involving just 34 participants, but the results are still interesting.

The research focused on healthcare workers and required them to wear a surgical mask for 1-4hours a day and then an N95 mask the following day. The researchers then took capillary blood gas measures and asked the participants some questions. 

The study found that "respiratory alkalosis and hypocarbia were detected after the use of N95. Acute respiratory alkalosis can cause headache, anxiety, tremor, muscle cramps". The survey results also found the use of N95 masks significantly increased the rate of headaches, respiratory distress, drowsiness and feeling of numbness. 

It's also worth noting that N95 masks do not have to pass any inward leakage tests to gain certification, so when considering the most suitable protective option for healthcare environments, FFP3 masks are a more sensible choice.

What do healthcare providers need from a face mask?

Healthcare providers and anyone working in a medical environment may need to wear a face mask for some, if not all, of their working hours. Therefore, masks need to be:

Effective: protecting the wearer from contaminants

Comfortable: to make it easy to wear for as many hours as needed. Masks with a lightweight design are most suitable as they don't feel uncomfortable or heavy when worn for a long time

Breathable: much like comfort, wearers need to breathe freely when wearing their mask

Individuals will have their personal preferences for their choice of mask, but with research showing the potential negative impact of N95 masks, considering our FFP3 transparent masks is a superb choice. 

Benefits of the Stealth Clarity FFP3 Transparent Mask

The Stealth Clarity FFP3 transparent face mask has an ergonomic design and a splash-resistant anti-fog window for clear communication and emotional expression. From a protective perspective, it filters up to 99.99% of particles, including bacteria, and it incorporates Hepac-Lite technology for low breathing resistance.

Our masks are rigorously tested in many areas, including total inward leakage (TIL), which is something we've explained is unnecessary for N95 masks. FFP3 masks must pass a minimum 2% TIL to gain certification, and the Stealth Clarity is 0.44% inward leakage compared to 11% for FFP2s. 

Our mask offers a 25x better seal than alternatives on the market and it also benefits from the transparent panel, which aids communication. It also offers the lowest breathing resistance, and this helps to minimise any condensation build-up on the transparent panel and maximises comfort for the wearer. 

Stealth Clarity Certifications and Approvals

The Stealth Clarity mask has received certification approvals in various regions globally. The masks are:

  1. FFP3 Approved: reaching EN149:2001 standards for European markets
  2. N99 Approved: reaching required standards for the US market, as approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  3. TGA Approved: reaching required standards for supplying products to the Australian market, as approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia.

Our masks are rigorously tested to meet these standards and we're proud to deliver high-quality products to healthcare professionals. We are pleased to supply our masks in many regions and look forward to the results of the Australian clinic trial, which is bound to put our product to the test. Considering its testing history, we are sure it will meet the required standards.


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