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Stealth Lite FFP3 Everyday Facemask


Stealth Lite FFP3 Everyday Facemask


Stealth Lite FFP3V R D Everyday Face Mask

Replacement Filters Available Here

Ideal for use in the workplace, whilst commuting, cycling or walking.  The most comfortable FFP3 facemask on the market for everyday use, offering the highest level of face covering filtration efficiency at 99%+ with replaceable filters.

Full elastomer facepiece structure with neoprene harness allows for a modern and stylish look when out & about. Multi-shift use so can be worn for 8+ hours.

• 99%+ filtration efficiency – Hepac-Lite filter technology for highest particulate protection & ultra-low breathing resistance - Fibreglass free.
• Protection against – Airborne Particles, Fumes, Oil Aerosols, Bacteria & Viruses.
• Detachable washable Black neoprene harness with mesh area over filter for ultra-low breathing.
• Medical grade moulded facepiece for ultimate face seal offering highest protection.
• Downward facing exhaust valve – no misting or steaming of goggle

Weight: 58g
Assigned Protection Factor: APF20
Conforms to EN149:2001+A1:2009
Product Code – STEALTH/LS/SP