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Communicate & engage with clients and colleagues more effectively with Clarity Mask, the first P3 rated disposable mask with a clear, anti-fog communication panel. We're so confident we'd like you to try it for yourself*

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“Our new transparent face mask will become the new standard in terms of FFP3 face masks in care and medical settings. The human advantages it brings in terms of better communication between healthcare staff and patients at a time when people are at their most vulnerable or emotional and need it the most is what is urgently needed now"

Karl Howard - Stealth Mask Managing Director

FFP3 Rated

P3 rated - highest rating available for face masks stopping up to 99.99% of all airborne particles


Transparent anti-fog panel enhances communications between colleagues and clients in any setting

First FFP3

The first P3 rated face mask with a clear communication panel specifically designed for professional use.

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