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The Stealth Calculator

We are an independent British design-to-manufacturer of respiratory filters and facemasks with over 65 years of experience. The Stealth mask range has been developed by a research & development team that have designed and engineered some of the most efficient and highest performance safety respirators available - considered as the benchmark of the industry today.

About Stealth Mask P3 Respirator Dust Mask


Stealth Masks offer the highest protection against all airborne particles, oil aerosols & mists with up to 99.999% filtration efficiency.


Cutting edge facemask technology including our downward facing exhaust valves preventing misting of goggles & eyewear.


Sleek, unobtrusive designs accommodate visors, helmets, eyewear & hearing protection. Our commuter range is unique in the market.

Savings Calculator

Please input what you pay for each disposable mask, how many masks your team/s use everyday, the number of workers in your team/s and a length of time to measure savings by.

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