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We are an independent British design to manufacturer of respiratory filters and masks with over 30 years of experience. Stealth has been developed by a research and development team that have designed and engineered some of the most efficient and highest performance safety respirators - considered as the benchmark of the industry today. 

“A” Safety - Technology - Design

The Stealth™ range of safety masks represents a new generation of respiratory protection equipment. Stealth like characteristics offer a lightweight and compact solution with safety, technology & design at the forefront. The sleek, unobtrusive design accommodates welding visors, helmets, goggles & hearing protection.

Large downward facing exhaust valves are a design feature prominent in all Stealth™ face masks. This enables the air to exhale away from any goggles, visors or spectacles ensuring no misting & fogging of eyewear.

Stealth Half Masks offer the highest protection against all airborne particles, oil aerosols & mists.

“A” High Grade Hypo-allergenic material

All Stealth(R) masks are manufactured from high grade materials - Odour free and hypo allergenic. Medical grade TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is latex & silicone free which moulds to the wearers face for maximum face seal and extreme comfort so it can be worn for 8+ hours.

“A” HEPAC – High Efficiency Particulate Air Composite.

The use of HEPAC(R) & HEPAC-Lite(R) filter media in all Stealth(R) masks developed exclusively. A special composite material in pleated and layer form, free of fibre glass. The filter media offers highest filtration efficiency & ultra-low breathing resistance ensuring less user fatigue & lower condensation build up for greater comfort.